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                Company Dynamic

                07.19 Reception Of Client From Egypt

                View: 59407/22/2019  

                On July 19, I reception of clients from Egypt who brought me a gift very politely.

                In the field of foreign trade, we should make friends with our heart. 

                During the inspection of our factory, I introduced the strength of our factory in detail clearly,Inclouding our Five CNC Machine,Thex Grinding Machine,Zoller Test Cutter Machine, 4 flute roughing end milltin coated ball nose end millspiral flute solid carbide end mill and so on.

                And Introduced our process from raw materials to finished products.

                We have comfirmed our new order details on July 19 and arrange produce today.

                Wish reader have a good day!

                 If you have any need, please contact us.

                Wish reader have a good day




                If you have any need, please contact us.

                Wish reader have a good day



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